Даниэль Бартуш

Даниэль Бартуш - менеджер теплицы в Stone Barns Center. До этой должности он работал в Blue Hill на Stone Barns for almost five years as a line cook, sous chef, and most recently as market forager. Growing up in a small town in Texas, Daniel spent almost all of his time outdoors on his family’s ranch. After high school, he moved to New Orleans to attend college but was ultimately called to the city’s kitchens. He was eventually drawn to Stone Barns из-за его интереса к пониманию отношений между потребителем и фермером.

At Stone Barns Center, Даниэль работает с бригадой фермы в теплице и занимается размножением растений.

On the side: Daniel likes to cook, throw pottery, travel, watch thunderstorms, and flip through seed catalogs.

Фото Бена Хайдера

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